When Jesus received word that Lazarus (His friend) was sick, the Lord had the power to heal him from a distance, but He did not. So my question was – why would Jesus allow His friend to die? When He finally arrived, the sister of Lazarus said “if you would have come earlier my brother would not have died”. (John 11:21)
According to the sister of Lazarus, Jesus was delayed. But according to God, it was a strategy (what men call delay is strategy to God).
The reason Jesus did not come when He received the news was because people already knew Him as the healer so He had to allow Lazarus to die so that He would come and reveal Himself as the resurrection.

Jesus had to wait for Lazarus to die and start smelling – this means at times we call on God and He takes long to answer because He wants to reveal Himself to us in our situation
For every storm you go through there is a new revelation about Jesus that you will discover. Brethren, God wants to reveal Himself to you in your situation. How bad is your case? Does it already smell like the body of Lazarus? Is it dead like Lazarus? Begin to call it back to life now. That dead business can come back to life; that marriage can work again, that ministry will experience a revival again, your family will know peace again in the name of Jesus.

Begin to command every dead thing to come back to life. We see Jesus calling Lazarus by name; it means everything can respond to the voice of God. Even a dead man (Lazarus) could obey the voice of God. Which organ of your body is dead? Begin to command life now in the name of Jesus. As you are reading, there is a resurrection power available right now.
Your mouth is the director of your life. Your words have the power to control your life. Even death cannot resist your words. There are many things God will never give you until you speak. If you don’t ask, it will not be given. If you don’t prophesy it, don’t expect to see it.

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