Why become a partner?

 As a pastor, the constant demands on my time and ever-shifting cultural pressures can leave me feeling like I’m a few steps behind. Through partnership, invaluable wisdom and help are just a phone call, website, or conference away. Partnership has been a game-changer for us!

Where Does My Gift Go?

The Gospel is free but is very expensive to broadcast on TV, and also very expensive to organize a soul winning crusade, so your gift will help Apostle JP to buy TV airtime and sponsor crusades all over the world.

Your gift of Any Amount will provide for sponsored children through the care of one of the orphan care homes, widows and the homeless that we currently support. From food and shelter, to mentoring and nurturing, your gift will provide quality loving care to a child in need. Choose a one time gift or monthly contribution.

What you receive as a Partner

★Free Monthly Zoom Meeting and impartation  service 

A personal partner number.
★ Free Access to all the books of Apostle JP
★ Notice of upcoming crusades and events.
★ A dedicated prayer and counseling telephone line.

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